b i o g r a p h y

Cleverclaire, Hee Kyung Sul, is a Korean based furniture designer who studied product design in England. After experimenting with different techniques and materials, she found the perfect material to make her own furniture style: Epoxy resin. 

 Epoxy resin has all these qualities: fluidity, transparency and durability, which help her to realize her needs/inspirations. Cleverclaire’s creations are entirely related to colors. With the Epoxy Resin, she can express her colorful inspiration.   Technicolor and Technicolor marble are made by layers of colored epoxy and by using different concentration of epoxy. The colorful and unique pattern brings a fun and a rhythmical feeling to the public.  

 Now cleverclaire is currently active by participating in exhibitions in Korea and abroad.  She is always pleased with the public’s reactions and she will continue to bring happiness and joy with her work.

e d u c a t i o n:
2013    Hong-ik University MA  /  Furniture design
2007     Birmingham City University BA  /  Product design(Furniture Design)

e x h i b i t i o n:

2019.12   Korea Craft Fair @ Seoul  /  공예트렌드페어
2019.04   Ventura Future @ Milano
2018. 11    Korea Craft Fair @ Seoul  /  공예트렌드페어
2018. 10   Collectable Design Exhibition @Hong Kong  
2018. 04    Meet My Project @ Milano
2018. 03   반복의 미학(3인전) @크라프트 온더 힐 갤러리
2017. 12    Korea Craft Fair @ Seoul  /  공예트렌드페어
2017. 09    Meet My Project Paris @ VIA Gallery
2016. 12    Seoul Design Festival @ Seoul  /  서울 디자인 페스티벌
2015. 12    Seoul Design Festival @ Seoul  /  서울 디자인  페스티벌